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Home NJCA Meeting Minutes November 2016 District Meeting Minutes

November 2016 District Meeting Minutes

NJ CA District Minutes November 2nd, 2016



District: $807

Special Events: $1,325

Total: $2,132


Last H&I meeting was lightly attended, specifically trying to fill a detox commitment at Sunrise in tom’s river (last two Wednesdays and any fifth Wednesday of the month at 7:30). Adolescent new hope commitment was scaled back to one day per month due to a lack in coverage.

SPECIAL EVENTSBilly (absent)



Literature brought to New Hope, literature brought to Summit Oaks, PI needs more literature. Core Health isn’t panning out— Frank will make one more attempt. George is going to provide Frank with contact information of area PI representatives.


10 Calls in October, 0 missed calls, website is up to date.


Planning a tradition workshop (first 6 traditions), two speakers, date and location pending.


Took in $59 tonight, total budget of $307.


George read the minutes of the last Area meeting.


Sunday KeyportKelly

No business meeting yet this month, attendance is strong, everything is going well.

Ocean Grove – Tim (filling in)

Meeting is going well, averages about ten people.

Monday Old BridgeJoey (filling in)

Attendance is getting better, format is the same, no business meeting yet in November. Enough literature, rent is being paid.

Tuesday AvonTim (filling in)

Moved locations to a new church in Bradley Beach (address in new business).

Tuesday RoselleBill

Attendance is growing, there have been an influx of visitors, Endeavor House commitments are being filled, it’s been hard to make rent but things are turning around.

Wednesday MiddletownGreg

Meeting is going well, about thirty people per night, business meeting last week, donated $300 to district, celebrations at the end of the month (Billy one year, Andrew 18 months, Greg 29 years).

Wednesday UnionOpen

Meeting is going well, attendance has jumped.

Thursday KeyportMary

20th anniversary meeting went well, attendance well over 100, there were 12 speakers. Attendance is consistently high. Business meeting tomorrow (11/3).

Friday FreeholdKevin

Attendance is down (seasonal), rent is being paid— business meeting went well, commitments are occasionally not filled, but the meeting survives.


New Staten Island meeting on Fridays from 7 to 8:15

H&I needs support, commitments are doubled up

Tuesday is now at the Saint James Episcopal Church at 605 North Ave in Bradley

CANY day 11/12 at PS41 116 w 11th Street, 11am-10pm (sheets handed out to GSR’s)



Next district is Wednesday, December 7th



There is a CA District H&I Committee meeting on February 21st, after the Middletown Meeting at 8:30pm. It will be held at Christ Episcopal Church, located at 90 Kings Hwy, Middletown NJ 07748. H&I needs your support! See you there!!