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Home NJCA Meeting Minutes 2016 June CA District Minute

2016 June CA District Minute

NJ CA District Minutes June 1 st , 2016




Treasury – Brian


District: $825.50


Special Events: $825.00


Total: $1,650.50


Establishment of bank account has been postponed, seeing as Brian just began


commitment this month. Brian will follow up with George for help. Brian expressed


his hesitance / lack of commitment to establish bank account. Brian suggests


forming a committee to establish bank account, replacing him as treasurer, or


getting rid of the idea entirely.


*Matter will be addressed in new business


H&I – Tim


H&I committee meeting will be 3 rd Wednesday of June (the 15 th ) @ 9:00pm in


Middletown. Commitments are filled, there are a couple of members that desire


replacement: Epiphany house (Jen) pending timing adjustments. Tim will update


and print meeting lists himself. There will be meeting lists offered at H&I meeting if


there is an immediate need.




20-25 people showed up to Holmdel Park picnic. Billy will receive $350 for campout


at this district meeting.




Jackson high school commitment fell through, trying to set it up for next Fall. Frank


dropped off literature at Summit Oaks IOP. Still trying to work out a commitment at


Core Health.




Web is up to date as of last district meeting. Seven calls in May, one missed, Doug


returned it himself.


*Missed calls are returned that day.




No workshop planned as of now, discussing potential ideas with Kevin.




Last month Pat finished with $557. Pat spent $232 at World (Public Information


order). Starting balance at this meeting is $225, sold $6 in coins, no meeting lists to


distribute or books to sell.


DSR – George


George attended area. Area is doing well, about $14,000 in operating account.


Discussing potential donation to world pending result of CAWS bid, which was






Sunday Keyport – Kelly


No business meeting yet this month, meeting is proceeding well.


Monday Old Bridge – Don


Meeting is strong. Location is good. No business meeting yet this month.


Tuesday Avon – Cory


Meeting is going well, there has been an increase in the number of female attendees.


Sixth anniversary barbecue went well.


Tuesday Roselle – Open


Tabled, pending representative.


Wednesday Middletown – Danielle


No business meeting yet this month, attendance is good, rent has been paid.


Wednesday Union – Open


Meeting is consistent, attendance averages about 15.


Thursday Keyport – Mary


Keyport is doing well, attendance is high, the business meeting is tomorrow night


(June 2 nd ).


Friday Freehold – Nick


Jack: Recent increase in attendance, upwards of fifty people at times, increased sale


of literature.




Ocean Grove meeting has a ninety-day probationary period before being put on


meeting lists. / Motion to add Ocean Grove to meeting list in spite of suggested


probationary period. / Motion passed.


George offers to help Brian register CANJ as a non-profit and establish a bank


account. Brian is willing to meet with George and take the necessary steps. Jack


works at Wells Fargo, and offers to help Brian establish the account.




CA Campout on July 15 th -7 th


Next district is Wednesday, July 6 th .



There is a CA District H&I Committee meeting on February 21st, after the Middletown Meeting at 8:30pm. It will be held at Christ Episcopal Church, located at 90 Kings Hwy, Middletown NJ 07748. H&I needs your support! See you there!!