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July District Minutes

NJ CA District Minutes


Old Business:

Read old business. MSP


Everyone and their mothers

Treasury Report: MSP

District: 991

Special Events: 1193

Total: 2184

H&I Report: MSP

-Positions are filled

-2 new potential commitments

Special Events Report: MSP

-campout in july.

Literature Report: MSP

-Dave not present. He has to step down as chair.

-new ideas for literature commitment will be discussed in new business.

Public Information Report: MSP

-Cary is going to Rutgers for a public info event

Web: MSP

-Website is up to date.

Telephone Report: MSP

-not many calls coming in

DSR Report: MSP

Erin didn’t make Area. Nothing really to report.

Workshop Committee Report: MSP

-second workshop was very light

-suggestions were made on how to gain more attendance

GSR Reports: MSP

-Monday South Amboy:.$25 donated to District. Business meeting next Monday. Looking for new meeting place.

-Tuesday Bradley Beach: meeting going well. Groups 4th anniversary on sept 30th.

-Tuesday Roselle: meeting going well. Literature issue.

-Wednesday Middletown: had to take away h and I can because the meeting is broke. Celebration meetings are still being held.

-Wednesday Union: going well

-Thursday Keyport: going well

-Friday Freehold: meeting attendance is lower than it was.

-Saturday Toms River: all good. Meeting time changed to 9 pm.

-Sunday Keyport: Everything is going swimmingly. Literature problems being fixed.

New Business

-Gregg M is new literature Chair. MSP

-chris motion for 300 for food for the camp out. MSP

-tim motion to be reimbursed 75 for pizza for h and I MSP

-Gregg will be getting the bulk of the literature from tim d.

-motion to close. msp

July 2014 District Announcements


-Toms River meeting time changed to 9pm

-Sunday july 13 workshop in keyport 730 pm. Part 3 in the workshop series.




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