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Home NJCA Meeting Minutes January 2014 Meeting Minutes

January 2014 Meeting Minutes

NJ CA District Minutes


Old Business:

Read old business. MSP

Attendance: Erin, Ali, Jonathan, Henry, James, Sean, Dave, Gregg, Drew, Tim, Adam, Jeff, Kristin, Jeff, Ryan, Cary, Kevin, Matt, Joe, Anthony

Treasury Report: MSP

District: $756.50

Special Events: $293.00

Total: $1,049.50

H&I Report: MSP

James M – Last H&I was only about 50% of people normally there, motion was passed to have committee meeting every 2 months.Wants to get different meeting lists from other areas to give to clients at commitments.

Special Events Report: MSP

Sean – CA Annual Dinner January 25th $12 a ticket. New Years Eve party brought in $550 & was a great success.

Literature Report: MSP

Dave – stock is very good. Will probably need to place order next month.

Public Information Report: MSP

Greg- nothing currently going on. Waiting for a call from the new public info person in NY to discuss ideas.

Web/Telephone Report: MSP

Drew – site is up to date & phones are being answered. Asked about having web & telephone as separate positions.

DSR Report: MSP

Adam – Area meeting was canceled last month because of not enough people. Next area meeting was tonight so is not there.

Workshop Committee Report: MSP

Dennis- NOT PRESENT - January 23rd is 4th step workshop!! Will discuss further at Thursday night  business meeting

GSR Reports: MSP

-Monday South Amboy: Jeff – meeting is good, support is good.

-Tuesday Bradley Beach: Kristin – everything’s good, room is always full. Possible workshop in March group is discussing.

-Tuesday Roselle: Jeff- going well, could always use support. They have expanded H&I into carny inpatient & outpatient.

-Wednesday Middletown: Matt- doing well. Decided to start doing celebration at the end of each month.

-Wednesday Union: Ryan- everything’s good, nothing new to report.

-Thursday Keyport: Pat- everything’s good. Holiday party good & business meeting is tomorrow.

-Friday Freehold: Cary- meeting still really well, a lot of people. Very strong meeting.

-Saturday Jackson: Ian- NOT PRESENT - Cary – very small meeting but people keep showing up, so they keep opening the doors.

-Saturday Toms River: Emily- NOT PRESENT

-Sunday Keyport: Kevin – meeting is going great, attendance is still good.

New Business

- Sean – motion for $400 for CA dinner. MSP

- Drew – motion to split web & telephone positions into 2 separate positions. MSP

Next District February 5, 2014.

Motion to close. MSP

January District Announcements

- Anyone interested in joining District please speak with your home group GSR – Elections are in February!!

- Next H&I committee meeting will be February 19th

- January 23rd at 8pm is 4th step workshop!! 48 Osborn St, Keyport. Food Fun & Fellowship!!

- CA Annual Dinner – Saturday January 25th – starts at 5 speaker at 6:30 - $12 to get in & children under 12 years old are free.

- 30th annual CA World Service Convention – Voyage Into Recovery – May 22nd – 26th in Long Beach, California see your home group GSR for more information.



Tuesday Bradly Celebrants

- Eliza – 2 years

- Kristina F. – 3 years

- Kristen D. – 5 years

Thursday Keyport Celebrants

- Amy – 9 months

- James – 1 year

- Alex – 1 year

- Jeff – 1 year

- Chris – 2 years

- Eliza – 2 years

- Rob – 2 years

- Eric – 3 years

- Kevin – 4 years


- Brian – 8 years



Our Hotline is up and running! Call (732) 930-1128 for help today.