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Home NJCA Meeting Minutes December 2013 Meeting Minutes

December 2013 Meeting Minutes

NJ CA District Minutes


Old Business:

Read old business. MSP

Attendance: Erin, Dave D, Steven, Ryan D, Adam B, Shawn, Jeff P, Dom B, Kevin, Anthony, Cary, Henry, Jonathan, James M2, Dennis, Jeff D, Tim, Matt, Drew, Patrick, Ali

Treasury Report: MSP

District: $1345.04

Special Events: $493.00

Total: $1838.04

H&I Report: MSP

James M – H&I committee meeting is December 18th – wants to get more literature. Everything’s good committees are being filed.

Special Events Report: MSP

Sean – Annual dinner & Saturday January 25th starts at 5 – 6:30 speaker - $12 to get in & children under 12 are free.

Literature Report: MSP

Dave – lite month – all literature stocked – we have big books.

Public Information Report: MSP

Greg- NOT PRESENT – Dominick read report – wants to get a literature rack at Brookdale Community College.

Web/Telephone Report: MSP

Drew – Website is up to date. Looked into phone & decided that what we have now is working for us & google voice fits our needs right now.

Tim – went over CA world guidelines for telephones. World handbook says time requirement is 1 year & commitment is 6 months.

DSR Report: MSP

Dominick\Adam – next area meetings is Wednesday – Area is doing very well. Motion was passed to fund all delegates travel to California for World Convention. Still trying to get an insurance card for meeting in Monmouth that we are trying to start. ALL GSR’s have the right to vote at Area!

Workshop Committee Report: MSP

Dennis- January 23 – 4th step workshop in Keyport instead of meeting.

GSR Reports: MSP

-Monday South Amboy: Jeff – still have really good support 20-25 people a week, had elections all positions are filled! Had a great celebration meeting last week.

-Tuesday Bradley Beach: Jaime – NOT PRESENT – Tim gave report, Kristin is the new GSR, was voted in last night. Meeting is very good.

-Tuesday Roselle: Jeff- considering expanding H&I commitment in Carny to the inpatient side of Endeavor house. Would like to get a speaker list so that all speakers from CA can come out not just Roselle CA. Also looking into Summit Oaks Rehab for an H&I commitment.

-Wednesday Middletown: Matt – everything’s great

-Wednesday Union: Ryan- everything’s good – only about 6-7 people last couple weeks. Looking about talking to Dennis about doing some kind of workshop.

-Thursday Keyport: Pat- everything’s cool. Moved celebration following Thursday & business meeting the week after.

-Friday Freehold: Cary – a lot of new people & young people.. Very solid meeting.

-Saturday Jackson: Ian – NOT PRESENT Cary gave report – 6 to 12 people, very steady meeting.

-Saturday Toms River: Emily- NOT PRESENT – Erin gave report – meeting is running very well, spoke with Chairperson & they said it is staying as a CA meeting. They are still doing H&I. Need the readings & formats of CA.

-Sunday Keyport: Kevin- Meeting is great, attendance is great!

New Business

- Dominick – motion to donate $500 to World Services. MSP

- table literature rack for Brookdale.

- Dave – motion for $600 for New Years Eve Party. MSP

- Henry – motion to move $200 from Special Events to District. MSP

- Start looking for replacements for elections in February. Make sure were announcing elections in groups!

- Kevin – motion to have people on the hotline to have gone through the 12 steps. - motion did not pass.

- Erin received e-mail from George about becoming non-profit.

- Jeff was nominated to as committee chair to take care of non-profit.

- Dave – motion to make next district January 8th. MSP

Next District is January 8, 2014

December District Announcements

3rd annual New Years Eve Bash – December 31st – doors open at 7 there will be a DJ & a bouncy house. $10 fee – food will be served.

30th annual CA World Service Convention – Voyage Into Recovery – May 22nd – 26th in Long Beach, California see your home group GSR for more information.

Anyone interested in joining District please speak with your home group GSR – Elections are in February!!

H&I committee meeting will be December 18th

January 23rd at 8pm is 4th step workshop!! 48 Osborn St, Keyport. Food Fun & Fellowship!!

CA Annual Dinner – Saturday January 25th – starts at 5 speaker at 6:30 - $12 to get in & children under 12 years old are free.


Monday South Amboy

Katie W – 6 years

Cary – 2 years

Thursday Keyport

Rae- 6 months

Deborah – 6 months

Jimmy – 9 months

Shane – 9 months

Luke – 1 year

Joe – 2 years

Dan – 2 years

Ali – 2 years

Friday Freehold

Joe D- 21 years


Luis – 17 years



There is a CA District H&I Committee meeting on February 21st, after the Middletown Meeting at 8:30pm. It will be held at Christ Episcopal Church, located at 90 Kings Hwy, Middletown NJ 07748. H&I needs your support! See you there!!