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Home NJCA Meeting Minutes October 2013 Minutes

October 2013 Minutes

NJ CA District Minutes


Old Business:

Read old business. MSP

Attendance: Erin, Ali, Steve, Matt, Adam, Robert, Tim, Drew, Kevin, Jeff P, James, Henry, Dennis, Dom, Patrick, Gregg, Cary, Shawn, Jeff D

Treasury Report: MSP

District: $1850.12

Special Events: $478.00

Total: $2328.12

H&I Report: MSP

James M – Had H&I committee meeting, had a good turn out. Crossroads did not move they are still up & running & still want us there. 3 new commitments, all commitments are going well.

Special Events Report: MSP

Sean – Picnic kicked ass! Had a lot of fun! Total spent on picnic $617.00 giving back Henry $365.00

Literature Report: MSP

Dave – Literature is pretty decently stocked right now. Do not have Hope Faith & Courage right now. Big Books are down to 25 books. Has new meeting lists to give out. We have eternally grateful coins & 12 principle coins $3 each.

Public Information Report: MSP

Greg- Made packets for every meeting, addressed to the Judge of each town with all of CA’s information. Would like to give to all GSR’s.

Web/Telephone Report: MSP

Drew – Website is up to date & phones are going good. Alan got us linked to World Website!!! Wants to put a poster with our phone number in rehabs. Greg is going to look into the posters. Drew wants to put together some new stuff for the site – something like a calendar to show all of our meetings, events & H&I commitments.

DSR Report: MSP

Dominick\Adam – Is now at GMHC. Big thing going on right now November 17, CA 30 year anniversary dinner. Still looking for Public Information Chair. Changed some stuff around logo needs to be black (no more green) & the 6th tradition wording was changed. Right now they are done looking for a new place until further notice. Donations for World service are going done, suggesting a 70\30 split, 70 for group 30 for World. Next CA world convention is going to be in Long Beach, California.

Workshop Committee Report: MSP

Dennis- Had nothing to do with Toms River workshop. Next workshop is probably in January in South Amboy, more info to come.

Pat\Dave – said Toms River workshop went great!

GSR Reports: MSP

-Monday South Amboy: Jeff P. – meetings is good. Attendance has gone up, average about 21. Looking into new place, business meeting is next week.

-Tuesday Bradley Beach: Matt – moved back into church. Meeting is strong.

-Tuesday Roselle: Jeff D. – going well. Average attendance. All positions are full.

-Wednesday Middletown: Matt – doing great, 40 to 50. Donated $216 to district!

-Wednesday Union: Ryan- NOT PRESENT – Erin read report - 8 to 10 people, in Bills Story, could use support.

-Thursday Keyport: Pat- everything is good. Business meeting is tomorrow. New chair.

-Friday Freehold: Cary – holding up real well. Average 50 to 70, a lot of new people. Starting with Big Book this Friday for 3 months. Really good meeting.

-Saturday Jackson: Ian – NOT PRESENT – Cary is sitting in - getting like 12 to 20 people. New people from that area. Starting a Big Book discussion.

-Saturday Toms River: Emily- NOT PRESENT – Erin read report – all is well, building a strong home group, H&I commitments are being filled, still looking to talk to pastor about rent.

-Sunday Keyport: Kevin – Meeting is great. Pastor from church wants to get together & discuss having a prayer meeting before the meeting.

New Business

Rob- Wants to organize a dodge ball event at Bradley Beach church with Sean’s blessing. Bringing to district for discussion. Looking to do it November 2nd

Everyone- Suggested change to later date so it can get on the announcements & people can hear about it. Get Ok from church, find out how much money he needs & work out all the details.

Dave – Motion to buy 4 cases Big Books. MSP

Henry – Motion to donate $100 to world service.

Adam – Friendly amendment to donate $250 to world service instead. MSP

Motion to close

Next District is November 6th

October District Announcements


CA’s 30th Birthday please talk to home groups & send any donations to world.


CAWSO (30-4-30)

21720 S. Wilmington Ave., Ste. 304

Long Beach, CA 90810-1641

Sunday Celebrants

Christian- 2 years

Thursday Celebrants

Kelly- 6 months

Amy- 6 months

Alex- 9 months

Rob- 2 years

Tuesday Celebrants

Casey – 90 days

Dom – 90 days

Scott – 6 months

Alex – 9 months

Brian K – 1 year

Rob H – 2 years





There is a CA District H&I Committee meeting on February 21st, after the Middletown Meeting at 8:30pm. It will be held at Christ Episcopal Church, located at 90 Kings Hwy, Middletown NJ 07748. H&I needs your support! See you there!!