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Meeting Minutes September

NJ CA District Minutes


Old Business:

Read old business. MSP

Attendance: Erin, Ali, Emily, Jaime, Marykate, Matt, Kevin, George, Shawn, Ben, James, Jeff, Dom, Henry, Rich, Adam, Tim, Drew, Cary, David

Treasury Report: MSP

District: $1791.27

Special Events: $131.00

Total: $1922.27

George – still looking into getting a bank account, need to look on the web & find out how to become a non-profit company. Will talk to Drew’s dad and continue to investigate information. MSP

H&I Report: MSP

James M – Crossroads is now closed commitment is gone. Next meeting is September 18th if anyone has RED FOLGERS COFFEE CANS to donate to H&I they are in need. Emily was called by Lighthouse to bring in a H&I commitment, Toms River group is prepared to take that commitment into there.

Special Events Report: MSP

Sean – We made $607.00 from camp out will give money to Henry tonight. Bowling tournament was a great success! We made $140.00 & we did not have to put any money out for it! We have 1st annual CA Picnic coming up on the 21st Sean has flyers for all the groups. Going to be asking Henry for $400.00 for the picnic.

Literature Report: MSP

Dave – 2 literature racks came, coins came & the rest of the money went to literature and pamphlets, we are pretty stocked right now. New coins for $3 with CA on the front & principles on the back for anyone wanting to give a cool coin to their sponsee. Big Books for sale, 12 & 12 for sale & Hope Faith & Courage 1&2 for sale.

Public Information Report: MSP

Greg- NOT PRESENT – Erin has report, He is asking to step down from commitment, he said if he can not fulfill the commitment by next month he will step down.

George – made motion to table. MSP

Web/Telephone Report: MSP

Drew\Tim – Updated H&I, updated to only the most recent information. Reached out to Alan he submitted the website to world & he will get back to us on if they approve it. Phones are up to date, 5 people are on it, getting about 2 calls a week. Alan also added our phone number to the world service website.

DSR Report: MSP

Adam – 12 people were present. Help line is going very well. Still looking for office space, went to see 2 places on August 16th, all of the meetings have relocated successfully. Moving to GMHC until further notice, Next meeting is Wednesday 11th GSR’s are all welcomed to come if anyone is interested see Adam.

George- Advised that they have not found a new space & that they are not going to be looking for a new space since all of the meetings have found a new home.

Workshop Committee Report: MSP

Dennis- NOT PRESENT Motion to table report. MSP

GSR Reports: MSP

-Monday South Amboy: George – NOT PRESENT Ben is sitting in, they currently do not have a GSR. MSP

-Tuesday Bradley Beach: Jaime – Moving back indoors October 1st, meeting is going good. MSP

-Tuesday Roselle: Jeff- going good, attendance is going good. MSP

-Wednesday Middletown: Matt- attendance is great, rent is paid. MSP

-Wednesday Union: Ryan- meetings going good, few more people attending, still needs support. Have about 12 to 13 people. Just started from the forwards of the Big Book again for anyone looking to do a Big Book study! MSP

-Thursday Keyport: Pat- haven’t had business meeting yet, same old keyport. MSP

-Friday Freehold: Cary – things are really well, last Friday was about 70 to 80 people! Its been packed. MSP

-Saturday Jackson: Ian – NOT PRESENT , Richie is sitting in, 10 to 12 people. Able to make donation to district. MSP

-Saturday Toms River: Emily- attendance is getting better, getting ready for workshop, home group is still small but still looking into moving will let us know next month. Picked a new name now is called The Moonlight Solution. MSP

-Sunday Keyport: Kevin – attendance is great, had business meeting all positions are filled with new people, rent is paid. MSP

New Business

- Sean- Motion to have $400 for Picnic. MSP

- Chris- trying to start a new meeting at Monmouth University, need to have insurance threw CA to do so.

- George – CA will be celebrating 30 years! CA NY will be having a sit down dinner celebration.

- Marykate – wants to announce womens weekend during CA Meeting announcements.

no motion was passed- unless it is a CA related event it can not be put in announcements, if a group calls for “Recovery Related Announcement” a women can announce the women weekend at that time.

Next District October 2nd

Motion to Close MSP

September District Announcements

- H&I Meeting is Wednesday, September 18th following regularly scheduled meeting

- September 21 - First Annual CA Picnic 1:00 PM Turkey Swap Park, Freehold NJ, $5 for adults, under 12 years old are free. Family & friends are all welcome! People from NY looking to come anyone willing to give rides from the train station please see Adam or group GSR.

- Anyone that is interested in supporting H&I or getting involved see your groups GSR

Thursday Celebrants

- Alex F – 9 months

- Liam F – 18 months

- Jen K – 18 months

- Dave D – 4 years

Friday Celebrants

- Gayle – 2 years

- Joel – 2 years

- Shaun – 3 years

- Kevin – 32 years

Monday Celebrants

- Dominick – 16 years

- Dave – 7 years

- Bobby B – 3 years




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