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Home NJCA Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes August

Meeting Minutes August

NJ CA District Minutes


Old Business:

Motion to vote Adam as CO-DSR. MSP

Read old business. MSP

Attendance: Erin, Tim, Matt, James M, Jeff, Ryan, Jaime, Emily, Adam, Patrick, Gregg, Ben, Henry, Cary, Ian, David.

Treasury Report: MSP

District: $1837.42

Special Events: $131.00

Total: $1968.42

H&I Report: MSP

James M – Going very well. Some issues with New Hope because of change in times. New Hope said “the more support the better” Still working on Endevor IOP commitment. Guy called from Brick area to start H&I commitment in Brick, so that should getting started ASAP. MSP

Special Events Report: MSP

Sean – NOT PRESENT – Ben is sitting in – Bowling tournament in coming up on August 4th deadline to sign up is the 18th!! Picnic is coming up, no pets, Greg is looking to get people together for Motorcycle Run for the morning. MSP

Literature Report: MSP

Dave – Need more literature, Big Books are in! MSP

Public Information Report: MSP

Greg- motion to table report, MSP

Web/Telephone Report: MSP

Drew – NOT PRESENT – Tim is sitting in, Everything is updated, H&I is updated, Tim is going to helping in redoing website to make it uses friendly. Tim is on the phone list & has been getting a good amount of calls from the hotline. MSP

DSR Report: MSP

Dominick – NOT PRESENT motion to table. MSP

Workshop Committee Report: MSP

Dennis- NOT PRESENT – workshop for September 7th, Prayer & meditation workshop, panel speakers & Q&A, hoping to have picnic at 5:00 & asking everyone who comes to bring food to share & they need support anyone who is willing to help!

GSR Reports: MSP

-Monday South Amboy: George- NOT PRESENT – Cary is filling in, Monday is small, disorganized, doesn’t have coins, some people not keeping commitments, business meeting was only 3 people there, little rough right now, possibly looking into getting new place. MSP

-Tuesday Bradley Beach: Jaime- Going great, Anniversary was a great turn out, attendance is really good. MSP

-Tuesday Roselle: Jeff- going well, sometimes good attendance sometimes bad. Made order for coins. MSP

-Wednesday Middletown: Matt- doing great! Donation is coming to district, great attendance! MSP

-Wednesday Union: Ryan- going good, still need support, about 6 to 7 people. MSP

-Thursday Keyport: Pat- going good. MSP

-Friday Freehold: Cary- going wonderful, 45 to 70 people, a lot of young people, doing hope faith & courage 2 book for next 6 months. Great meeting! MSP

-Saturday Jackson: Ian- its ok, attendance is hit & miss, average is 10 to 12, still going strong. MSP

-Saturday Toms River: Emily- NEEDS SUPPORT!! Home group is small, hard time filling speakers, might have because rent is high & not making it, really needs support! Just got onto the meeting list. MSP

-Sunday Keyport: Adam- Ripping & Rolling, druggie buggie makes regular visits, life is good on Sunday in keyport! MSP

New Business

Jamie: Motion to give $100 from Special Events to Toms River Workshop. MSP

James M: On the webpage would we rather have the H&I chairs name & number only or all of the H&I chairs names & numbers?

Matt: Motion to only have James name & phone on webpage as a contact. MSP

Dave: Motion for $460 for literature. (Primarily chips) MSP

Matt: Motion to drop Drew as web & telephone person. Motion Not Passed

Cary: Motion to make Tim CO-Chair for web & telephone. MSP

Adam: Motion if you miss 3 consecutive meetings there will be a vote for someone to take your place. Not 2nd

Next District Meeting is September 4th

Motion to close. MSP

August District Announcements

- Public info chair person is open for Area level, See Dominick or Adam

- Bowling tournament- Saturday August 24 – starts at 3:30, Strathmore lanes in Aberdeen NJ, Deadline for teams in August 18th!!

- September 21 - First Annual CA Picnic 1:00 PM Turkey Swap Park, Freehold NJ, $5 for adults, under 12 years old are free. Family & friends are all welcome!

Thursday Celebrants

Nancy – 35 Years

Mike M – 3 years

Ali – 1 years

Steven – 3 years

Leslie – 18 months

Friday Celebrants

Joel V- 2 years

Gail P – 2 years

Tuesday Celebrants

Ryan S – 1 year

Andrew- 1 year

Emily G- 8 years




There is a CA District H&I Committee meeting on February 21st, after the Middletown Meeting at 8:30pm. It will be held at Christ Episcopal Church, located at 90 Kings Hwy, Middletown NJ 07748. H&I needs your support! See you there!!